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June Highlight: Nazrine Khan

Naz is a 26 year old accountant who has been a part of the SSC for awhile. She plays softball on the Thursday night team , Teabaggers , attends the UT Tailgates, and went to the New Year’s Eve Party. In the summer of 2013 she decided to give SportFIT a try because she ” became bored with her workout routine and she didn’t feel like she was getting the same out of her workouts.”

Her favorite thing about SportFIT is “the variety in the workouts and the push to do different exercises that I wouldn’t normally do on my own. But the main thing I like is that even after a year of SportFIT, I still wake up with sore muscles, which means I am still challenging my body.”

After training with SportFIT for a year, her greatest accomplishment is “increased upper body strength. I am now able to support my own body weight and do full body push-ups, where I used to do only modified push-ups. ” She would recommend joining SportFIT because “people tend to focus on certain parts of their body and neglect to get a full body work out.  SportFIT challenges you to work on those neglected areas.  The classes are smaller than other boot camps and are less intimidating for someone starting a new work regime. It is also more affordable than other boot camps.”

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Read more about what SportFIT participants have to say about the class below!

Rachel testimoinal - November

Rachel Eisenhower

Rachel Eisenhower is a 27 year old Events Manager for Wi-Fi Alliance. Working out has always been part of her daily routine and prior to SportFIT she was running about five miles every day. Why would a young, fit, healthy girl need to join a workout group? She said, “Even though I enjoyed running, I knew it was taking a toll on my body.  I needed to find a way to add variety and, in particular, some sort of strength training into my workout regime.  I had been looking into several workout programs and stumbled along SportFIT.  It seemed like a great opportunity to change up my workout routine.”

She joined in early 2013 and is still attending today! She has noticed “a definite increase in strength and overall fitness level.  She is able to do more reps of more challenging exercises at a faster pace, and it’s extremely rewarding to see this progress.” When asked what her favorite thing about the outdoor group fitness class is she answered, “The variety – I love that the workouts are never the same.  The trainers each lend their own styles to the workouts which push me in different ways.  They are always seeking more ways to challenge us, whether it’s bringing in new equipment or meeting at a different location, such as Mount Bonnell or the Zilker sand volleyball courts.  I certainly never get bored.”

Rachel says she would recommend the class to others because, “It’s a great way to get into a consistent workout routine.  The workouts are challenging and always changing.  The trainers and your fellow participants provide motivation and push you to work harder than you typically would on your own.  Plus, SportFIT provides a great opportunity to meet more people – outside of the training sessions, there are often social events as well as sports teams formed with SportFIT participants.” She has joined the SportFIT crew on their Sunday Funday and Sand Volleyball teams!

“SportFIT strikes a perfect balance between personal training and group fitness classes, both of which I have tried before.  The trainers develop new, creative workouts for each session and are able to adapt their training as needed to accommodate different fitness levels.”

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James Shirley

James Shirley is a 28 year old clinic technician who joined SportFIT in February 2013.  He played sports in high school, intramurals in college, and worked out regularly at the gym.  Then in July of 2011 he injured his knee; he tore his ACL, damaged his PCL, and damaged cartilage on both sides of his knee. This required surgery, eight weeks of no-weight bearing activities, and about ten total months of physical therapy.  During this time, he gained ten pounds and his entire leg atrophied from lack of use and physical activity.  After joining a gym, his slow progress left him discouraged, so he signed up with SportFIT for a workout boost.

James also plays Dodgeball with SSC (go Untouchaballs!), so his primary goal was to be able to “play dodgeball, or any other sport, without having to double over after just a few minutes.”  Losing the extra ten pounds and re-strengthening the knee would be a bonus. After eight months of SportFIT,  James “has lost over 20 pounds, his leg is stronger now than it was before the surgery,  he’s able to run and jog again without having to do his silly limp/run, and he rarely finds himself dying during dodgeball.”

When asked what his favorite thing about SportFIT is, he replies, “…the competition.  When I go to the gym by myself, I have very little motivation to push myself.  I break a sweat a little, start breathing hard, and call it a workout.  When I’m in class, there are several people who are better than me, be they stronger, faster, or more agile.  It’s much easier to push myself to compete with these people and get much more out of my workouts.”

Would James recommend SporFIT? “I do.  I’ve gotten two people to sign up, and I’m always telling people that SportFIT is the primary reason I’ve lost weight and gotten back into shape.  And the biggest difference I’ve noticed about SportFIT is it’s applicable exercise.  We’ll never pick up the biggest weight we can and try to get big pretty muscles that have little effect on your life.  Everything we do is to get you better at sports.  These are muscle groups I use in dodgeball, kickball, and football at the time.  Sure, people can join Strong Man and lift more weight than I can, but I’m better at dodgeball.  And that’s way more important to me.”

*SportFIT is not replacement for physical therapy and we are not doctors. Should you have an injury, please visit a physician first before proceeding. We are all certified trainers, but should not be a replacement for medical attention. Please notify us of all pre-existing injuries so that we can modify your workout accordingly*

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Chris Cox

Chris Cox is a 27 year old Control Systems Project Manager with a non-existent workout history. He came to SportFIT in February 2013 with a desire to lose weight and become healthier. In the first month alone he was able to shed 20 pounds! After five months he lost a total of 50 pounds, “gained muscle mass, and is the healthiest he has been in at least 7 years.”

Not only has Chris “lost weight and become healthier, he has gained a lot of new friends as well as teammates.” This past year he has played multiple seasons with the SportFIT Sunday Funday and Sand Volleyball teams, as well as met people from the group for weekend pick up games. He loves the fact that “the trainers are very social with clients and allow for the clients to interact socially as well.”

When asked what his favorite thing about SportFIT is, he replied, “How the workouts are designed for people at all levels of fitness…classes are not overly crowded, so you have a more one on one feel with the trainers.” Thanks for all of your hard work Chris and congratulations on your awesome results!

Casey testimonial - August

Casey Wright

Casey Wright is a 24 year old inventory specialist for a medical supply company. After battling obesity, in 2008 she decided to make a life changing commitment to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. With healthy eating and walking she was able to lose 50 pounds! Four years later and 80 pounds lighter, Casey found herself in the middle of a long and frustrating plateau that she couldn’t break through. She heard about how SportFIT brought a social atmosphere to their workout group and decided to give it a try.

Eight months later she is ” loving everything about SportFIT!” Her “all time favorite thing is the all around experience. I don’t get up early every single morning because I have to go to SportFIt, but because I WANT to go to SportFit. I want to get outside, I want to see my friends, and I want to get a good work out in.” Her commitment to the program has resulted in the shedding of another 15 pounds. “It makes the hard work we put in everyday seem much more tangible when I started to notice a difference in my clothes; or when friends, family, and other SportFitters started to notice my progress as well.” Congratulations to Casey on her 95 pound weight loss!

When we asked Casey if she would recommend SportFIT to a friend, she responded, “HECK YES! I would recommend SportFit to anybody that is looking for a chance to get active. SportFit caters to all levels of fitness, so anybody can articipate. The instructors change up the work outs constantly so that you are always being challenged. Finally, SportFit hosts social events during every session, so that all of the SportFitters can get together, and celebrate all of their hard work.”

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Dusty Waldrop

Dusty is a 42 year old homebuilder with two kids who used to work out a couple of times per week and not pay attention to his diet. In the fall of 2012, Dusty decided to join in the Austin SSC SportFIT program to try a different way to lose weight and get in shape. His starting goal was to lose 10lbs while increasing his daily energy. After four months of SportFIT, Dusty has had these amazing results!

*lost 40 lbs*
*down 2 shirt sizes*
*down 3 pant sizes*
*has more energy today than he had at 25*

The thing that Dusty liked most about SportFIT is the variety of workouts. He said, ” I do not remember doing the same workout twice in the past 4 months. Doing the same workout over and over gets boring, and I would typically lose interest in other programs. The way the trainers have it set up kept my interest.” Dusty said he is not the type of person who is motivated by “being yelled at by the drill sergeant”, so the trainers mixing of intense workouts with a fun attitude kept him coming back for more. Congratulations to Dusty on all his hard work!

Update on Dusty: He competed in the 2013 Austin’s Fittest Competition and placed 13th in his age division!