2014_1013_SportFit_040Casey Wright – SportFIT Trainer

Washburn University, Dual Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance and Management

NAFC Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Les Mills BodyPump and GRIT Certified, Schwinn Certified, POP Pilates Certified, and Zumba Certified

Obesity – been there, done that! After getting a wake up call from my doctor my sophomore year of college that I was diabetic, fitness became a lifestyle for me and I realized that it was time to get my self in gear.  After losing 90+ pounds, I wanted to give people the opportunity to know what it feels like to change, feel better about yourself, and live healthy.

I enjoy all types of fitness activities including cycle, rowing, kickboxing, and playing sports.  But my true love lies within the “boot camp style” outdoor group fitness programs, and I made this discovery in 2013 as a SportFit participant.  SportFIT showed me the benefits of not only working out in a group, but working out outdoors! I realized that fitness was my passion as well as my new lifestyle, so I decided to become a trainer. I begin working as a SportFIT Trainer in the fall of 2013.

My favorite quote is “Life is not tried, it is merely survived.   If you’re standing outside the fire.” by the legendary Garth Brooks.  I try to always jump in and live a life full of adventure.  That is what becoming a trainer with Austin SSC has been for me- an adventure – and I can’t wait to see where this adventure continues to take me!


DavidUresti picDavid Uresti – SportFIT Trainer

B.S. Pre­Physical Therapy from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida

NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer

My name is David Uresti. I was born and raised in Austin, and I have had an interest in fitness and athletics since I was young. Growing up, the sport I was most passionate about was soccer. I played soccer all four years in college, where I received my bachelor’s degree in pre­physical therapy. I worked in a neuro rehab hospital for almost two years. There I witnessed many patients who were receiving therapy for injuries that could have been prevented. Some of the patients had therapy for several months when they could have been better in a few weeks. This was not because of the therapists, but rather the previous sedentary lifestyle of the patients. The patients that were previously active before there injury or accident would usually recover faster and more fully. I wanted to change my career from rehabilitative to preventative.

I received my personal trainer certification from the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers in November 2015. My favorite exercises are body weight, no gym required exercises. My goal is to promote fitness that anyone can do at anytime and anywhere they get an opportunity. Fitness is a lifestyle, and I hope to make it fun and convenient for everyone.


HenryTolstedt picHenry Tolstedt – SportFIT Trainer

B.S. in Kinesiology, concentration Sport/Exercise Psychology

Certified Personal Trainer through American College of Sports Medicine

Stop and think for a second. Nearly everything we do is to set up our future selves for comfort and happiness. Working all day so our future selves can be financially stable. Through fitness, we not only set ourselves up for a healthy future, but we also get the opportunity to enjoy the moment. Humans are biologically wired to enjoy physical activity. Everybody has different opinions of what is enjoyable; I have found what kind of exercise I love doing. My goal is to help you reach that point, and SSC Sportfit is a fantastic place to start, or continue.

Even though I love traveling (21 countries and counting!), playing board games ($1,700 worth of games and counting), anything related to water (being in it, drinking it, paddling above it, exploring under it), and cooking, nothing compares to exercise. I am a two-time Ironman triathlon finisher, and a 2­time ultramarathon finisher (I have won my age group in both ultras!) My running mantra I repeat constantly is “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” You’re perception is everything. Through finding fitness that works for you and that you enjoy, that suffering is not optional, it is nonexistent.

In addition to being an endurance athlete, I was also a competitive soccer player and collegiate rower at Pacific Lutheran University in Seattle, WA. This is where I got my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and worked for three years as a Resident Assistant. While focusing on sport/exercise psychology, I was able to dive into personality and exercise. I am more introverted than I am extroverted, which is why ultra endurance is the form of fitness I love most. But I also love teaching classes, so any introverts out there don’t be afraid of group fitness! Give Sportfit a shot and you’ll love it.


Anthony Mathis picAnthony Mathis – SportFIT Trainer

NASM certified personal trainer

Fitness and healthy living, for me, has played a variety of roles throughout my life. As a kid, I saw professional athletes as super humans, and wanted to emulate their prowess. I began with flag football as a 7 year old and continued switching between football and basketball until high school. I also did martial arts and had a brief stint running track.

As an adult, I took became very fond of weight lifting and healthy eating. I saw the physical and surprisingly, emotional benefits I reaped from remaining cognizant of what I did with my body and what i used to fuel those activities. I became a personal trainer because of a desire to share health and fitness with others. I’ve been doing one on one PT for about 2 years, with a focus on functional training. My goal is to help as many people as I can live a life free of limitations. I also have been doing group training for the past year, leading HIIT classes for those looking to enhance their explosiveness while burning fat and building muscle.

In addition to fitness, I am also a musician and a DJ, following in my father’s footsteps. So expect high energy and plenty of lyric quotes, as pretty much anything will remind of a song. I’m very excited to provide you with a great experience as well as keep you reaching and exceeding your fitness goals.


BetsyBetsy Bohlen – SportFIT Trainer

Colorado State University (Go Rams!), B.S. in Business Administration, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

I started my career path like most everyone else, not actually knowing what I wanted to do with my life! Desk jobs worked for me for a while, but I knew I needed something more. After many years of dedication to my own personal fitness and attending numerous boot camps and exercise classes (SportFit was one of them!), I discovered my passion to share this dedication with others. Being a trainer has been the most rewarding career I’ve ever had. It’s incredible to see the positive impact my work has on others, which keeps me striving to continue performing at my best.

I am an outdoor enthusiast, even in the hot Texas summer. An avid runner, I completed my first marathon here in Austin in February 2014. I also have several half marathons, 5Ks, 10Ks, and obstacle races under my belt and love to conquer new ones! You can find me on the trail around Town Lake with one or both of my dogs, playing SSC softball or volleyball, or enjoying a kayak trip while watching the sun set behind the beautiful Austin skyline.

My teaching method is to keep things basic. Form is everything in exercise, if you’re not performing a move properly, you are at a higher risk for injury. I like to focus on uncomplicated moves, such as a squat, lunge, or a pushup as well as variations on these simple movements. While they may be basic, they will deliver results when performed correctly.

Along with a safe environment, I like to promote a fun and social environment! Yes, you will get in a great workout, but I want you to enjoy it as well! Have fun while working out and you’re so much more likely to stick with it!


Jamie Hall bio picJamie Hall – SportFIT Manager

Texas A&M University, B.S. Agricultural Economics
NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA-Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Fitness first impacted my life through athletics where growing up I played every sport that was available. This led me to Texas A&M where I was a four year Lettermen on the Texas A&M Track and Field Team participating in the discus, hammer, and weight throw. Through my time at A&M I was able to gain exposure to world class strength and conditioning and after graduating I remained in College Station and decided to make a life out of teaching people all that I had learned through my athletic career.

I became NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer certified and started working with a group locally as a personal trainer and later moved my focus to boot camps. I also worked on and attained my NSCA-Strength and Condition Specialist certification. We moved to Austin in the summer of 2010 and I soon started teaching boot camps for Austin Sport and Social Club. Post collegiantly, I have completed multiple 5k, 10k’s, and half marathons as well as sprint and Olympic triathlons. I feel that this wide variety of life experiences has enabled me to reach and educate a large population of clients effectively.

I am married with three young kids, Jackson (2/09) and Tanner (7/11), and Madelynn (5/13). As of the summer of 2013, I have switched my focus to the behind the scenes aspect of SportFIT and have moved away from training. I now manage the Facebook page, blog, email account, and registration process while working full time in the office for Austin Sports & Social Club. And playing as many sports as I can!